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the president of the united states is on the ground in afghanistan. of course, we are in afghanistan because the attacks of 9/11 and now we know that president obama is meeting with afghanistan's president karzai, an unannounced and secret visit until this moment. some describe the relationship between our president and president karzai as "complicated." which could be the unstatement of the day. casey in point: a u.s. government released yesterday. new details of the level of corruption in afghanistan. and the unthinkable waste of billions upon billions of american tax dollars. officials in afghanistan are stealing american money according to the report. the afghan attorney general's office avoids prosecuting high profile corruption cases among other things. that's the situation as the president is on the ground if afghanistan our chief white house correspondent is at the white house. did you get any idea of this? and what do we expect to accomplish? >>reporter: the president's schedule was wide open all day leaving the possibility that he could have been going s
ended in 2009 but most did not feel it but people in all three states feel the united states should get out of afghanistan by a 2-1 margin. but most approve of the job that obama is doing there. a gender gap is on display. it is too close to call in florida where the president is down but it is 13 points in ohio. and he has a 17-point edge among women in pennsylvania. >>reporter: thank you on the perfect strange day in washington, dc. another former aide to john edwards on the witness stand today. he said he overher the foam presidential candidate asking his mistress whether her baby bump was showing. the foam aide here in the blue tie and glasses said in 26 fix he saw the mistress get off the elevator on the same floor as john edwards and the foam aide says the mistress told him she and john edwards were madly if love. and the next day the aide says john edwards called him to deny he was having an affair and told him rielle hunter was crazy. not long after that run in the aide said campaign staffers had to stay in a different hotel floor from the presidential candidate, but one day in
talks hit major snags. surprise, surprise, the negotiators rejected plans by the united states and five other world powers to curb the rogue nation's nuclear program. iran also insisted it had a right to enrich uranium accusing other nations of creating a "difficult atmosphere for talks." yesterday, officials pointed to signs that iran would be open to an agreement restarting nuclear inspections, but as the talks draw to a close, there is no sign of a deal. u.s. and other world leaders accusative ran of using the program as a cover for building a nuclear bomb. iran claims the program is for peaceful purposes only. and steve is live if us today in baghdad. steve? >>reporter: well, we are getting more details of some of the main goals for the negotiators for the sex -- six powers, with a main goal for iran to stop producing highly enriched uranium. this is the kind of material that can be developed very quickly into fuel for use in a nuclear weapon. >> iran's declared readiness to address the issue of 20 percent enrichment and came with its own five-point plan including their assertion th
the men and women who is died defending the united states in the first memorial day since the end the iraq war. the president laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery before saying all men and women who have fought and sacrificed their lives for the united states have the very same connection. listen. >> while their stories could be separated by hundreds of years and thousands of miles, they rest here. together. side-by-side. row by row. each of them loved this country. and everything it stands for. more than life itself. >>trace: the president vowed to take care of the troop whose make him heavy long after their service is over and moments ago the president held a ceremony at vietnam memorial as we showed you to mark the start of a 13 year project to honor the 50-year anniversary of the vietnam war. and now to ed live at the white house. ed the ceremony at wall was a long time coming for many vietnam veterans. >> it was. and that's because of the fact that when many of the vietnam veterans came home those fortunate enough to come home because over 58,000 who died during that conflict,
? >>reporter: she has heard nothing. she says no united states officials, no one from the secret service has contacted her for her side of the story. >> she has not had any contact with any person from the american government, any agency, or anything. she said that if they wanted it track her they could do it easily] and they have not. >> thank you is raising eyebrows on capitol hill. new york republican congressman peter king, the chair of the house homeland security security committee says secret service said it could not find two of the women involved not scandal, including this woman. the congressman king said "i have3juuuyked she does not see anything weird that could remit this man to president obama or any information on that. she said the agents begged her not to call the police but she told them they didn't care about her situation, not getting paid, why should she care about theirs. she said they never wanted this to be public and it has "damaged her life." traits? >>trace: it will continue, and now, live from washington. thank you. there is word the united states and china may hav
this comports with the constitution and united states and international law. white house spokesman charge any got a lot of questions about this at the briefing but insisted this is fully consistent with united states law. >> we were at all times going to act in a manner both lawful and consistent with our values. and he has done that in both cases, very serious about protecting the united states and the citizens. >> now carney referred to a speech given by the president's counterterrorism advisor last month here in washington, dc, and he said the program is consistent with international law because the united states right now is at war with al qaeda so we have wide latitude to launch the drone strikes at yemen or pakistan. what is interesting about that, same justification used by the bush administration. for some of their acts. >>trace: and did the president have a different view of executive power during the 2008 campaign. >>reporter: he ripped into the bush administration saying they had too muscular approach to executive power and now there are questions whether that is the case after "ne
qaeda and foiled the plot to blow up a united states bound airliner. the mole got inside access to a key bomb cell in yemen and we are told he gained the terrorists trust and turned on them. the new and sophisticateed underwear bomb not hands of the united states agent. this appears to an big victory for united states intelligence because this are few known instances of u.s. supplies infiltrating a terrorist group. and the spy is reportedly safely out of yemen now, but sources tell fox there could be more bombs out there. the suspected mastermind is a yemen-based bombmaker who set his own brother on a suicide mission to kill a saudi prince. with a device implanted inside his body. it is also suspected of a failed 2010 cargo plant and a failed christmas day bombing a year earlier, and this was an upgrated version of the bomb, with no metal, a bomb that, right now, is said to be not hands of f.b.i. experts at a laboratory in virginia and trying to answer a key question. could this have gotten past airline security? catherine is on the story like in washington, dc this on, and a spy helped
is close to letting inspecters back to the count. that will help. the united states and israeli defense missiles warn we have heard this before, iran. >> facebook stock price is down. again. poor zuckerberg lost another billion. he ain't 25 sitting on $30 billion no more. the company now on track to be the worst major i.p.o. starts in five years. >> secret service agents you are not out done. others are at your heels from the drug enforcement administration. they, too, enjoy the company of women you pay for in other nations. or that is the allegation. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first, from fox at 3:00 with the new sound effect a security situation onboard a us airways flight bound to the united states. why we are still talking about this, is beyond me. new video of the plane. sources saying according to reports a passenger said she had a bomb implanted in her body. well, that would explain it. this is weeks after experts voiced weapons terrorists could hide bombs it their bodies. the flight left paris this morning on the way to north carolina, c
's stake could make him worth $25 billion. the united states border patrol is unveiling a new national strategy. it makes no minutes of the bush administration's border fence. that is out. they are not coming over here now. the number coming from mexico and going to mexico is the same. why not break out the drones? drone them. the united states border patrol has the ability to deploy a drone anywhere in a matter of hours. and the prime suspect in the disappearance of the american teenager, natalee holloway may face trial in the united states. new details. [ donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... ne
blow to the ties between the united states and pakistan. a pakistani court has sentenced the doctor who helped the c.i.a. take out osama bin laden to more than 30 years in prison. our friends, the pakistanis, and, a woman called 9-1-1 after her husband stops breathing. but a dispatcher was asleep and snoring. we will play the recorded call for you unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first from fox at 3:00, facebook. the public offering was one of the most anticipated and now the most controversial. if not among the biggest flops. the company is dealing with a series of negative developments and lawsuits and investigations. less than a week after the troubled debut on wall street, facebook is being sued. shareholders claims the social network and the big bank underwriters misled them by selling only a select few that they downgraded the earnings forecast. the representatives say the suit is "without merit." but federal regulators are also looking into possible violations and a senate panel is also reviewing the situation. the stock is actually picking up
:00 with the new sound effect a security situation onboard a us airways flight bound to the united states. why we are still talking about this, is beyond me. new video of the plane. sources saying according to reports a passenger said she had a bomb implanted in her body. well, that would explain it. this is weeks after experts voiced weapons terrorists could hide bombs it their bodies. the flight left paris this morning on the way to north carolina, charlotte, and defense officials say two fighter jets scrambled to escort the boeing 767 after being diverted to maine. here is the sound from the control tower. >> we need an emergency aircraft. >>shepard: i didn't understand, either. sources say the passenger never pose add threat of any kind but the concern began when she pass add note to a flight attendant. rick is in new york. what is this note? rick: it has something to do about a bomb being imlaboratoried if her body and she appeared nervous and jittery and according to peter king, chairman of the house homeland security security committee she is a french citizen, from cameroon, who had no che
and the united states and five other world powers over the nuclear program. previous talks have gone nowhere but yesterday the united nations chief said he expect as deal with iran to restart the nuclear inspections. and, today in baghdad, where they are holding the meetings, officials suggested a breakthrough is possible. the united states wants iran to stop enriching uranium, a process that is key to making atomic weapons. of course iran claims the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. and now, the news from baghdad. steve? >>reporter: the talks began at noon local time here in baghdad and they are still going on after the 10:00 p.m. hour. a fight over the future of iran's nuclear program. and, really, the fight at the moment being waged between diplomats. on one side you have diplomats from the six major powers: the united states, u.k., france, germany, china and russia. they are focused on a few goals including stopping the production of enriched morning -- uranium and the concentration because if it is too high it can be used as fuel for nuclear weapons. and iran on the other s
. but the big issue is that european debt crisis, that is dragging down the united states economy and they are bracing for what happens next in greece, spain, places where the president has very little control right now, could have a major impact not just on our economy but at the election in november. >>trace: ed, thank you. early today, rebound called the former governor romney to congratulate him on clinching the g.o.p. nomination last night. the president said he looked forward to and i quote, "an important and healthy debate over the next few months." but don't expect them to stay friendly. campaign carl cameron is live for us in washington, dc, with more. >>carl: you do not want to expect a lot of civility between the rivals for the most powerful office in the whole world. president obama did actually give governor romney a congratulations call for locking up the nomination and a spokesman said "president obama said he looks forward to an important debate eight -- about america's future." it took planned parenthood less than a day to endorse president obama and launch a $1.4
." senator schumer says, he doesn't buy that. >> he wants to de-friend the united states of america just to avoid paying taxes. we are not going to let him get away with it. the senators want to ban entrepreneurs like the facebook co-founder from getting back into the united states if they tried doing the country if the tax breaks and lawmakers are proposing a new bill to make it happen. 9 chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is in the studio on the lead story, so, what would this bill go, exactly? >>jonathan: it is called the, patriot act. what were you saying? this is hardly exciting after that drama. but it is calmed the ex-patriot act and under the rules if the i.r.s. decided this facebook co-founder or indeed anyone like him is renouncing their citizenship for tax purposes, then in future they have to pay 30 percent capital gains tax on any investments they have not united states. that person would also be bound from ever coming back into the united states. the united states even for business purposes or a visit to disneyland and senator schumer made this very personal at press con
in the united states. if a citizen gets "droned" by accident the air force can hold on to the evidence for months. thank you, government. speaking of the government's key witness in a perjury trial against the foam all star pitch el roger clemens, took the stand and he says he personally injected the rocket with performance enhancing drugs over several years. plus, workers at a library called the cops and they threatened charge for $81 worth of overdue library fines against a four-year-old girl. tough guys. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> but, first, from fox at 3:00 this monday afternoon, a new generation of surveillance drones can soon be watching us all from overhead, the federal aviation administration is expected to announce plans to expand the use of domestic drones in american airspace. eyes in the sky, similar to the unmanned aircraft that the united states has been using to target terrorists abroad. here at home the surveillance can be used to track terrorists or drug dealers or to find missing children, or locate wandering alzheimer's disease patients. l
not have a deal. so the side lines, the president is working through the issues to show the united states will still have a presence in the region after combat troops are out in 2014. >> i am confident because of the leadership represented here as well as the leadership of our outstanding armed forces, that we can advance that goal. today. and responsibly bring the war to an end. >>reporter: and this citizens to the american people in appear election year we have seen the public polls suggesting that a clear majority of americans want to see the long war over, but another thing coming out of the nato summit the president is putting more details out about the fact that after combat troops are out at the end of 2014 the united states will have a presence in afghanistan for another decade into 2024 and that will cost billions. >>shepard: and speaking of billions, the matter of the euro zone financial crisis is not a type priority but all the leaders are having a hard time. >>reporter: they are. this is a security summit. so, the focus is more on issues such as afghanistan and iran but over t
? >> look, i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, heterosexual men and women marrying, are entitled to the same rights, all the sifts -- civil rights and liberties. >>shepard: analysts suggest the vice president put his foot in mouth and strayed from the white house official position. that was sunday. a day later, monday. the secretary of education endorsed same-sex marriage. the next day, yesterday, a poll was released showing a majority of americans now support gay marriage. 48 percent don't. last night in north carolina republicans turned out in full force to vote for the state's ban on gay marriage. that ban was expected to pass but it passed with a whopping 61 percent of the vote. democrats were pressing president obama to do what in other president has done before. and that is backing gay marriage. now context. tonight, the president is at an event on the west coast with a lot of gay marriage undertones. there is another fundraiser tomorrow. with
pressure on him by the united states marshal service and the f.b.i. and the highway patrol and all the agencies that came together. it paid off. >>shepard: when you found them did they have supplies? were they dug in? did he have a plan? >>guest: i don't believe he had a plan. i believe he was roaming in the woods and trying to stay hidden. he did have some water. but it appears possibly creek water and may not have been very pure water. >>neil: he won't be needing any water anymore. sheriff edwards who helped relate cue the girls. thank you. >>shepard: and now to the lawyers. judge today refused to drop the campaign corruption charges against senator john edwards, and the prosecution yesterday rested their indicate. john edwards' lawyers argued they failed to prove he intentionally violated the law. the position says john edwards knew he used campaign cash to hide his mistress and love child from the voters and his lawyers say he didn't know of the cash. and his aide, andrew young, spent the most on his dream him. if convicted john edwards, former united states senator, and candid
there is but one official medal in the united states mint commemorting the attacks of 9/11. proceeds go to the memorial and museum. and, today, we will show you how the mint makes the real deal. and airline passengers have found out how to avoid spending money on the skyrocketing baggage fees. we will clue you in, unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, and in north carolina, where the jury is now deciding whether to convict the former presidential candidate and senator, john edwards, on half as do criminal counts that could put him in prison three decades. they heard three weeks of testimony covering the affair that john edwards had with try emhunter as his wife elizabeth suffered from cancer that killed her. but the jury will not be judging john edwards on character. this is about campaign finance laws. the prosecution tried to prove that john edwards used nearly $1 million in illegal contributions to cover up the affair. john edwards' lawyers argue that the money was a personal gift not a political donation. they also claim tha
begin and end. and she is now a spokesman for the president of the united states. >>randy: so glad you brought that up, because the truth if that testimony, all that elizabeth edwards knew was essentially a one night stand, that is what she was so angry about. no proof that she knew of a pregnancy, that this was a long-term affair, so, therefore, her testimony in reality did not hurt john edwards at all. what i found compelling the way the government chose to end the case, is by showing, (a), allowing the proof shown that not one check went to the campaign. this is a case about campaign contribution. they have not proven that. but more important, for john edwards to be portrayed as someone would not he still had a political career says i didn't think i did anything wrong. >>arthur: he is so full of himself and so deceiving himself he thought he would be a supreme court justice? having a love child in the middle of a presidential campaign. no one would allow that. if you read the book "game change," to the end the night of the iowa caucus they call obama's campaign, i will step aside an
the case of the pakistani doctor thrown in jail after helping the united states track down osama bin laden. you will recall that doctor ran a fake vaccination program for the c.i.a. and collected d.n.a. samples to confirm that bin laden was at this compound early this week. pakistan sentenced him to 33 years in prison of high treason for supposedly betraying his home country. yesterday, a u.s. senate committee slashed $33 million in aid to pakistan. but the intelligence experts argue that the obama administration could have done more to secure the doctor's release. and a top government official in pakistan tells fox news the united states is just overracting and needs to "take a deep breath." he adds and i quote, "you've got osama bin laden and we're happy he got killed but the way it was done we are not happy with, we didn't like that." joining us is former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense, mike barrett, now the c.i.a. of the security consulting firm "diligent innovation." mike, the question is, why wasn't this guy removed right after the raid? there was no
and has the second largest i.p.o. in united states history behind only visa. for every $2 increase in the stock price, zuckerberg pockets another $1 billion in paper worth. gerri from the business is with us, very busy day on the dial dialing the fox business network. what should we maybe of facebook's performance? the nasdaq's performance is another matter? >>gerri: it is underwhelming, i do i thought we would get more of a pop. having said that, the people would float the shares do not want to see a huge move because it means they left money on the table. but you would have thought, i had people in the building who work for the building coming up to me and saying i will try to buy facebook. but it is less than the average i.p.o. gain. >>shepard: they are in california. and i should remember that. and, 401(k)'s ... the rest of the sector was down today. you do not know what would have happened if facebook did not have the i.p.o. but the market has been on a slide for a couple of weeks or more. >>gerri: that is not too surprising given broader news and what we see from europe, the
. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress march 3rd, 1863 awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to specialist leslie h.sabo jr. united states army, for gallant try at risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. and the specialist for sabo jr. had gallant try above and beyond the call of duty at cost of his life as a rifle men in company b, 101st airborne decision in cambodia, may 10, 1970. on that day, the specialist and his platoon conducted a patrol and ambushed from all sides by a large enemy force. without hesitation, the specialist charged enemy position killing several enemy soldiers, and thereafter, he assaulted an enemy force and drawing their fire away from friendly soldiers, and forcing the enemy to retreat. in order to resupply ammunition, he sprinted across an open field to a wounded scam road. as he began to reload a grenade landed nearby and specialist sabo picked it ups threw it and shielded comrade with his own body absorbing the brunt of the blast and saving his comrade's life. seriously wound by the blast, sabo retaped the
? details on that ahead. >> new video of a kidnapped american who says the united states must meet al qaeda demands or he is a dead man. >> and this man says that doctor set him on fire during surgery. and tried to cover it up before he woke up. >> all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." all but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the $1 million a wealthy supporter gave to the former presidential candidate john edwards, was not a contribution but a gift that he could use whatever way he wanted, even on his mistress. that is the testimony today from the lawyer of the banking heiress, bunny mellon. here is a picture of her not expected to testify because she is new 101 years old but her lawyer today says back in 2010 he heroined bunny mellon deposited $175,000 check into the account of the former john edwards aide, andrew young, and the lawyer said bunny mellon told him it was for "personal need," but john edwards but did not know what the need was. the prosecution says john edwards now that he was using the money to hide appear affair from voters and his dying w
that it raises to level of reckless or negligence that it is criminal. >> shep: president of united states went on view and said he is the smartest bankers on wall street. that is pretty good endorsement. >> it's troubling because look, big bank and charles payne said it brilliantly. we complain when they make money. we complain when they lose money. what are they supposed to do. bring the f.b.i. it plays for a great sound bite but it's not fair because you are going to chill the efforts of bankers, they take risks and make mistakes. as long as you haven't lied to anybody and concealed anything because you lost money doesn't mean you go to jail. >> shep: too big to bail? >> exactly. it points to a big mistake could be a big problem for all america. these banks are backed by you and me so if they get in trouble we have to bail them out. we can't afford it. >> shep: $2 billion is not of money but under the new capitalization it's not really a large percentage of money for j.p. morgan chase. >> $2.2 trillion, this profits would have been $4 billion so it doesn't mean that much to them. >> they sti
. >> are you comfortable with same-sex marriage? all look i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and woke marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights and i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >>shepard: vice president is the third member of the administration to show support. and today, the education center voiced his support, as well. these views seem to be in somewhat of a contradiction to their boss, president obama. the president has backed only civil unions between same-sex couples but today the campaign says the president's views are "evolving." wendell is outside the white house. what did the white house say about vice president's comments? >>guest: jake carney accused the media of overreacting to the vice president's comments which he says are consistent with the president's views on gay marriage and he says that support for gay marriage but support tore committed gay couples have the same rights. h
, millions of dollars, millions of dollars have been spent by the united states of america to put john edwards if -- in jail and it would be a tremendous defeat if he is acquit asked there is a hung jury. a waste of time, money, energy and resources of our government. >>megyn: randy, do the lawyers have a strategy, a hand for be played here? does it matter at this point what they push the judge for? or the jury has a verdict and they don't have one on others, you know, are we going to be stuck with a partial verdict? >>randy: i don't think it is fair to call it a strategy as much as it is reading tea leaves, trying to have a crystal ball, no different than trying to read a juror's facial, expression. you start with the judge has the discretion what to do. whether to dechair a mistrial now, discretion on what kind of allen charge. come on, guys, get back in there do the best you can, listen to each other. or, really twist their arms and say you have an obligation, you have a duty, you swore, and, really, put the pressure on them. from the defense, one argument could be may, i want to ge
to the function of the united states. we have a bureaucratic system impossible to make work effectively yet the forces that support it will fight every inch of the way. this may be too big a challenge even for speaker of the house but we need to have a national discussion about how to get congress to be effective. congress has decayed dramatically in the last 20 years. the senate in particular has become a stunningly dysfunctional institution. this is a really big problem. under our constitution, if congress doesn't understand things, you can't fix it. it's really important we have a much bigger national debate about what an effective 21st century congress would be like and it's something we'll be involved in. because we're going to pursue solutions, we want those solutions to be real. that's going to lead callista and me to campaign for a republican president, a republican house, a republican senate, republican governors, republican state legislators and recognize america is a complex mosaic of self-government. the presidency matters but so do all the other offices of self-government. if y
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)